SAE 100R1 Hose

SAE 100 R1 is a standard specification established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for one-wire braided hydraulic hoses. These hoses are commonly used in hydraulic systems for transmitting petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.



  • Pressure Rating: R1 hoses are designed to handle high-pressure applications, with a working pressure typically ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch) or more, depending on the specific manufacturer and design.
  • Construction: These hoses typically consist of three main layers: Inner Tube: The innermost layer is made of synthetic rubber or other materials to carry the hydraulic fluid. Reinforcement Layer: This layer includes one or two high-tensile steel wire braids to provide strength and stability under pressure. Outer Cover: The outer layer is usually made of synthetic rubber or a durable material to protect the hose from external factors such as abrasion, weather, and chemicals.
  • Temperature Range: R1 hoses are designed to operate in a broad temperature range, typically from -40°C to 100°C (-40°F to 212°F) or higher, depending on the specific hose and manufacturer.
  • Compatibility: They are suitable for a variety of hydraulic fluids, including mineral oils, water-based fluids, and synthetic hydraulic fluids.
  • Size Range: R1 hoses come in different sizes, commonly ranging from 1/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter.
  • Standards: R1 hoses often adhere to industry standards such as SAE 100R1 and ISO 1436-1.
  • Common Applications: R1 hoses are used in various hydraulic systems, including those in industrial machinery, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and more.

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1-1/2", 1-1/4", 1", 1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 2-1/2", 2-1/4", 2", 3, 3-1/2", 3", 3/16", 3/4", 3/8", 4-1/2", 4", 5/16", 5/8", 7/8"


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