Fire Protection Sleeve

Fire protection sleeves, also known as fire sleeves or heat-resistant sleeves, are designed to provide a protective barrier for hoses, cables, and other components in applications where exposure to high temperatures, flames, and radiant heat is a concern. These sleeves are crucial for preventing hoses and cables from melting, burning, or being damaged during fire incidents.



  • Material:
    • Fire protection sleeves are typically made from heat-resistant materials, such as fiberglass, silicone-coated fiberglass, or other fire-resistant materials. These materials offer thermal insulation and protection.
  • Temperature Resistance:
    • Fire protection sleeves are designed to withstand high temperatures, flames, and radiant heat. The specific temperature resistance depends on the material used, and some sleeves can handle temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (537 degrees Celsius).
  • Structure:
    • The sleeves often have a tubular or wrap-around structure that can be easily applied to hoses, cables, or other components. They provide a protective layer that insulates and shields against heat.
  • Installation:
    • Fire protection sleeves are designed for easy installation. They can be slipped over hoses or cables and secured in place using various methods, such as hook and loop fasteners, ties, or other securing mechanisms.
  • Size Range:
    • Fire protection sleeves come in various sizes to accommodate different hose and cable diameters. It’s essential to choose a size that fits snugly around the component to ensure proper coverage.
  • Color Options:
    • Fire protection sleeves may come in different colors, with black and silver being common choices. Color options may be selected for aesthetic reasons or to meet specific industry standards.
  • Abrasion Resistance:
    • Some fire protection sleeves also offer abrasion resistance, providing an additional layer of protection against wear and tear, especially in harsh environments.
  • Chemical Resistance:
    • While fire protection sleeves are primarily designed for heat resistance, they may also have some level of chemical resistance. This can vary depending on the specific material used.
  • Flexibility:
    • Fire protection sleeves are often flexible to allow for easy installation and to accommodate the movement of hoses or cables during operation.
  • Applications:
    • Fire protection sleeves are commonly used in industries such as firefighting, automotive, aerospace, metal processing, and other applications where exposure to extreme heat or flames is a concern.
  • Compliance Standards:
    • Depending on the application, fire protection sleeves may need to comply with industry standards and regulations. This is particularly important in sectors such as aviation, where strict safety standards are enforced.
  • Customization:
    • Some manufacturers offer customization options for fire protection sleeves, allowing users to request specific lengths or features to meet their unique requirements.

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